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Whats Inside

What Do We Offer?

Once you join, you receive access to a 50+ video course, where you will learn the ins and outs of creating viral videos on social media. You will then be given a choice to choose from over 10+ currently trending products to market, in which you will receive affiliate commissions for each sale you make.

Make it easy

We Do All The Work For You!

We truly understand the struggles of finding a product that drives sales to your business, as well as how difficult it may be to create a website, which is why we have stepped in and created the structure for you. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions to market the products on your phone!


Why Join Our University?

Start Earning

We offer organic TikTok and Instagram marketing methods that don't require any start-up cost. Get paid through affiliate commissions.

Beginner Friendly

Most work will be completed via social media. Members don't need to worry about creating website or managing suppliers.

Valuable Information

Learn from experienced and successful marketers who teach simple yet working strategies on how to sell any given product.


Not only do you get access to our extensive affiliate program, but also our large & growing community of affiliates - all working towards a common goal.


Meet your mentors

Our team of professors are not only experienced and successful, but are also dedicated in assisting the members of our community and ensuring that they achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Emmanuel Malyarovich

Emmanuel is a professional day trader and entrepreneur. He used TikTok organic marketing to make him over 7 figures in his businesses. In the university, Emmanuel shares his secret step-by-step formula on how to go viral on TikTok

Gregory Gamburg

Greg has mastered the art of growing social media accounts with rapid speed. He has grown several accounts to hundreds of thousands of followers and has made over 6-figures in affiliate commissions.

Benjamin Tsukerman

Benjamin started dropshipping during his Junior year of high school. He used organic marketing on TikTok and Instagram to make him multiple 6-figures on his product stores. In the program, Ben shares his unique strategies on how to consistently make viral videos.

Nikolas Metreveli

Nikolas has been editing videos for 7 figure brands since he was 15 years old. Inside the university, he teaches in depth tutorials on how to make viral worthy content which can easily be done through ones phone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to record my own clips?

The program includes pre-made product clips that affiliates can easily upload on TikTok and Reels.

What are the payout methods?

You can choose a payout method between PayPal, Cashapp, Venmo, bank transfers, crytpo, and more!

What products are in the program?

This university gives its members the opportunities to affiliate for some of the most profitable and converitible money related products, with commission rates higher than any other affiliate program in the world.

Do I need to pay for anything else after I join?

There is no investment needed after enrollment. Once you join our program, you will be able to affiliate for any of our products included, free of cost.

Is there an age limit?

No. There is no age limit.

Do I need any prior knowledge before I join?

Our affiliate marketing university offers more than just products and opportunities - we also provide educational videos created by our team that cover TikTok and Reels marketing, as well as product-specific marketing strategies to help you get started making money right away.

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